Why This Conference In Washington DC Creates Space For Black, Millennial Moms

Jane Claire Hervey | Forbes

What does it look like when 500 millennial moms of color get together to talk business, parenting and philanthropy?

Nikki Osei-Barrett and Simona Noce Wright can tell you.

After joining forces to start District Motherhued in Washington DC three years ago, Osei-Barrett and Noce Wright have been busy. District Motherhued, which works to serve, connect and empower millennial moms of color in the Washington Metropolitan Area, has garnered a network of more than 7,000.

And as of last year, the organization officially stepped into new territory with the introduction of The Momference, a one-day conference hosting panels, keynotes, workshops and vendors exploring the lives and needs of moms of color.


PUBLISHED: May 16, 2019
Show up for Black Mothers

"... because my husband and I were so ill prepared for the complications that followed my birth and I did not have proper support after experiencing a high-risk pregnancy."

- Darline Turner