About Black Mamas ATX

Black Mamas ATX’s mission is to ensure that Black women survive and thrive before, during and after childbirth. We envision a world without maternal health disparities. Our goal is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the alarming maternal mortality and morbidity rates among Black mothers in Central Texas.


It’s Time to Show Up For Black Mothers

With effective collaborative partnerships and through culturally-congruent programs, training, outreach, and research, BMATX is leading the charge in Central Texas to improve Black maternal health and wellbeing over the childbearing spectrum. Our work centers around the health and wellbeing of Black women who are pregnant and through the first year postpartum.

On average, women receiving services stay with the organization for 18 months. Highlights of services include:

Sister Circle Support Groups are led by Sister Doulas who have received culturally-congruent, evidence-based doula training.

Doula support is a well-known, evidence-based intervention to alleviate the impacts of racism and inequity perinatally. The structure and topics are designed to emphasize and build upon the seven principles of Kwanzaa and consist of self-assessment and reflection, lifestyle planning, group problem solving and support and community building..

BMATX leverages its work through collaborative partners which include other doula-based organizations that serve women of color as well as health care entities that operate within communities of color.

Black Mothers in Central Texas Matter


In Central Texas between 2012-2015, Black mothers accounted for nearly 12% [11.8%] of all births; however, they died at a rate 1.5x higher than white moms, which is the highest rate of maternal death.

Black mothers in this region also experience severe maternal morbidity (SMM)—cases in which a pregnancy results in unexpected and undue consequences on a mother’s health—at a rate at least 1.2x higher than other observed groups of moms (235.6 per 10,000).

At Black Mamas ATX, we are 100% Black women led, board and staff.

Currently, the organization employs a full-time executive director, two full-time doulas, and a full-time grant manager. In alignment with our strategic goals we have provided funding for our staff and other Black women in the community to receive DONA International Doula training.

Our organization has already implemented changes to address the evolving needs of mamas during the COVID pandemic in order to achieve our mission to help Black women survive before, during and after childbirth. Black Mamas ATX has mobilized to address these challenges in the following ways:

We coordinated with local non-profits to deliver meals, fresh produce, and milk to clients in need.

We have transitioned our support groups to a virtual format and increased client contact via phone and video conferencing.

We have referred clients to community resources for mental health support, telehealth services, food, housing, bill and cash assistance.

We have also been able to provide direct cash assistance.