At the annual Central Texas African American Family Support Conference, we come together to promote our own health and wellness and that of our community. The conference is filled with the most current information on mental health, substance use disorder and intellectual and developmental disabilities, led by caring health experts and people with their own lived experiences with these conditions. With interactive workshops and inspirational speakers, we share our stories, expand our knowledge, and connect with support and resources to live healthier, more resilient lives.

We explore how race, social conditions and economic status affects what diseases and conditions we struggle with. We explore how those factors affect our experience with health care and what we can do as individuals and as a community to address these challenges. This conference is an opportunity for us to reduce stigma and confront bias while increasing access to care. We come together to lift one another up and move towards a healthier future. Because, when people have a strong foundation of physical and mental health, they can reach their full potential.

The conference is hosted by Integral Care, the Local Mental Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority for Travis County. The Conference Planning Committee is a diverse group of mostly African American health professionals, advocates and people with lived experience of mental health challenges. Our sponsors are public and private community partners. The conference supports the African American community and embraces all members of the community regardless of race.

The conference provides opportunities to learn more about mental health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, substance use disorder and physical health challenges and solutions. It’s a place to discover health services and how to help yourself and others get the care you need.

The event includes breakfast and lunch, keynote speakers, poster presentations and breakout sessions.

If you can’t afford to attend the conference as an individual with lived experience and/or family member, please email

Registration fees:

  • Individual with Lived Experience/Family Member – $15
  • Community Member – $50
  • Professional Seeking CEU – $150