Dear Voter,

Thank you for braving the coronavirus to use your voice this election season. 2020 has been a tough year. It has shown us that our elected officials need to hear from us now more than ever. As you vote this November, please consider the needs of others who have been greatly affected by these troubling times. Below are links to a voter guide, that unbiasedly tells the story of each candidate, and articles that explain the backgrounds of Proposition A and Project Connect. Please be an informed voter!

Much love, BMATX Staff

Link to voter guide (Courtesy of the Austin Area League of Women Voters):

Link to important dates, polling locations, propositions and projects on the ballot, and important races to watch in Travis County:

What do elected officials do? Find out here. file:///C:/Users/RAC/OneDrive/Documents/What%20do%20elected%20officials%20do.pdf